Jes Ward Walker 1946 ~ 2019

Jes Ward Walker passed away Thursday, July 11th after a long battle with COPD and Emphysema. Jes was born on April 7, 1946 in San Diego, California. While his childhood was a difficult one, he always managed to spin it into funny tales of mischief and mayhem, running amok with two of his brothers around whatever town they were living in. The first time Jes met Marianne Azevedo, she thought he was a total jerk. But his persistence and charm eventually won her over and the two were married on November 27, 1965. (We know it wasn't his muscular physique, since he was so skinny back then that he didn't even throw a shadow!) The couple had three amazingly wonderful children, Joseph, Annamarie and Tricia. The family settled in Riddle, Oregon in the early 70s. Jes was a hard worker. He spent most of his life in Oregon working in local mills, then as a table games dealer at Seven Feathers until his COPD became too advanced. Jes met Rod Boqua when they ended up on the same bowling team. The two were bowling buddies, hunting partners, shit-givers, and the best of friends for 41 years.

Jes was well-known and well-liked for his sense of humor. His family and friends have many, many stories of his goofiness, which will keep us all laughing (or rolling our eyes) until we see him again...and then he'll no doubt be telling us the stories all over again.

Jes is survived by his wife of 53 years, Marianne, who he truly loved and cherished, his children Joe Walker & his wife Christina, Anna Young & her husband John, and Trish McCleskey & her husband Scott, his grandchildren Richie Jones, Sarah Walker, Christopher McCleskey, Aubry Williams, TD Mahan, Levi McCleskey, Brandon Walker, Ronnie Mahan, Jordan Williams, Spenser McCleskey, and Riley McCleskey, nineteen great-grandchildren, his sister and brother-in-law Cindy & David Deaver, and his best friend Rod Boqua & his wife Joyce and their family. He was preceded in death by his beloved brother Lee, his granddaughter Ashley, and great-granddaughter Elliona. 

Jes didn't want a big funeral, but the family invites you to join us for a celebration of his life on August 24th at the Riddle Community Center. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Jes Walker Memorial Fund at Umpqua Bank in Myrtle Creek to help with expenses.

For all those who knew Jes, and for everyone reading this, Marianne would like to send a message: If you're a smoker, PLEASE try to quit. If you aren't, please don't ever start. If your loved one is a smoker, please do everything you can to encourage them to quit. Instead, take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air. Trust us. You don't ever want to go through what Jes & Marianne went through over the last ten years.